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"Why do you rob banks?" the officer asked infamous bank-robber Willy Sutton moments after he arrested him...
"I go where the money is."

Goal-of-the-DAY... Use the SUPPLY and DEMAND WINDOWS to build a MASTER KEYWORD LIST, fully researched, of 5 HIGH-PROFITABILITY KEYWORDS for each of the 3 Site Concepts (brainstormed in DAY 2).

With this goal in mind...

Let's say that you love fashion. You eat, live and sleep it. You read all the fashion magazines. You head straight to that part of any bookstore. Your friends beg you to talk about something else "for a change!"

It's time to brainstorm and prune. Initially, you'll brainstorm as many related "Keyword-Focused" topics as possible that are related to fashion. Then you'll prune out the low-profit-potential ones.

First thing you do? Power up what I will call your "keyword tool center" - on our site you can do it yourself avoiding seeking for the SEO experts on job search sites. There are three WINDOWS of information that you will be researching...


Open your browser and start with...


Time to brainstorm some Keyword-Focused topics with Search It!...


If you're not tapping into the unlimited information on the Web, you're missing out. Search It! converts you into a business power-surfer.

Search It! has so many useful purposes, for example...

. brainstorming
. competitive research
. domain naming and legalities
. PREselling content idea development
. identification of new monetization avenues

This powerful unique tool is simple to use. Keep it handy on your desktop -- perhaps in the upper left corner of your browser.

OK, let's fire up Search It!. (If you are running a pop-up blocker, please be sure to click on the pop-up blocker help link for important information.)

A search could involve three or four steps. STEP 1 and STEP 2 both utilize a drop-down menu. For example, here is STEP 1's menu.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Now that the mini-orientation is over, let's get started.

STEP 1. Select "Brainstorming" from the Search Category menu.
STEP 2. Select "Overture Suggestions" from the Search Type menu.

(Overture, now owned by Yahoo!, is soon to be renamed "Yahoo! Marketing Solutions." We'll use "Overture" until that time.) Here's what you have done so far.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Don't forget to click on the help link before you proceed!

STEP 3. Enter the keyword "fashion" (without the quotes).

Since there is no STEP 4 for this particular search, you can now hit the Search It! button. (Do not use the Enter or Return key.)

Let's quickly recap your search formula.

Search It! > Brainstorming (STEP 1) > Overture Suggestions (STEP 2) > fashion (STEP 3)

Please note. we will use the above shortcut style when outlining the steps of future searches.

OK, onwards and upwards. Got your DEMAND WINDOW ready? Here are the most common keywords that Web surfers search upon that contain the word "fashion" at Overture.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

The number in the left column is the number of times that each keyword was searched in the preceding month at Overture. In a sense, it's an indication of the DEMAND (by your potential visitors) for each keyword that contains the word "fashion."

OK, what do we have so far? We've got a good idea of what your potential visitors want. In other words, we know what's in DEMAND, and by how much, for a variety of keywords (some of which will become your HIGHPROFITABILITY, Keyword-Focused topics) that contain the word "fashion."

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